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Last update Mar 24, 2018

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Ft Lee Physical Therapy is a unique, professional and outcome-oriented place. I have had to experience other rehab places for knee problems and back problems, and I have never been more pleased with the approach, the environment and most of all the quality of the staff and management. If you have had bad experiences before, or know deep inside you need to help yourself to get around better and to live your life without pain in the joints, the back, the knees, call these folks. You will not be sorry. This is a warm, gracious and hospitable place that will give you the care you need until you are well! Adults, elderly and children are offered help through care and exercise.

- Judith -

The staff at Fort Lee Physical Therapy is wonderfully kind and professional. They genuinely care about their patients, and do everything they can to make sure you regain full function and heal properly. June Park is extremely knowledgeable and generous with her time, and has even helped me with injuries unrelated to the one I originally came in for. I have had a great experience with the entire facility, and would highly recommend Fort Lee Physical Therapy.

- Mayu -

Dr. Park, her team of physical therapists, and the entire staff at Fort Lee Physical Therapy are absolutely amazing. Only six months ago, I was in a car accident and paralyzed in my right arm. When all hope seemed lost and other doctors were skeptical about how much use of my arm I would ever get back, Dr. Park and her team were always positive and constantly motivated me. Today, I am happy to say that I'm fully rehabilitated and am returning to my job as a chef. However, I am sad to leave everyone at Fort Lee PT. They have become not only my favorite physical therapists but also my dear friends. I will miss them all greatly.

- Nami -

Behind a fierce storm, comes a rainbow. Dr. Park has given us hope and makes us see the rainbow. My daughter Madison, has global developmental delays and has been receiving therapy at a very young age from Early Intervention and currently from her pre-school. However, one of my greatest concerns has always been her physical abilities: Will she ever walk independently without injuring herself?
Being Dr. Park's first pediatric patient in her clinic, Madison has reached major milestones - not only can she walk independently and confidently, she now can even climb up and down the stairs with minimum assistance. Dr. Park is not only knowledgeable and experienced in providing exceptional pediatric physical therapy, but she also knows how to work with children with special needs - a talent only a few people have. Her upbeat personality, incredible patience, genuine care, coupled with a warm and supportive family-like environment made it easier for my daughter to adapt, work hard, and look forward to her PT sessions. I am truly blessed for the priceless gift Dr. Park gave my daughter - the ability to balance, walk, and climb. I highly recommend Dr. Park to anyone with PT needs.

- Lauren Wu -

I have found Dr. Park and her office and staff to be highly efficient and professional. I play soccer. I have injured my ankle severely. My orthopedist recommended that I have surgery. He told me that I have a severe ankle sprain. Ankle sprains happen when the foot twists, rolls or turns beyond its normal motions. A severe sprain causes actual tearing of the elastic fibers. Many people get such injuries. I refused to have surgery and went for physical therapy instead.
First, Dr. Park diagnosed my condition and created a personalized program for my recovery. She took time to explain my ankle condition and treatment options to me so that I understood and was comfortable with the process. She is a highly trained and experienced specialist. Her office opens early at 7 am, which is very convenient for me since I have to go to work. I have spent almost two months with her and my ankle is not bothering me at all. Her staff is extremely concerned for my well-being and knowledgeable. Now, I play soccer and go regularly to gym again. I can't thank them enough. Highly recommend

- Tim -

When physical therapy was prescribed by my Orthopedist I was so fortunate to have June as my therapist. Not only was she kind and compassionate but extremely knowledgeable and able to connect immediately to my problem which she addressed successfully.
She was at all times professional and her marvelous personality was in itself therapeutic. Having had physical therapy at other places I can only say that my experience with June far surpassed the others. When you are with June you are in good hands.

- C.H. -

I had never had physical therapy before, so I did not know what to expect. I was happily surprised to be greeted by an enthusiastic, caring therapist - Hyun J. (June) Park. She was attentive to my concerns, and addressed each one, explaining my problem and how she would help to correct it.
She is an excellent therapist, and she continued to encourage me during the course of my physical therapy treatment. The results have been wonderful, and I am thankful to June for her guidance and therapy.

- A.N. -

I've been having pain on my knee for a while now and the doctor recommended physical therapy. I was not sure at the beginning but finally decided to give it a try at Fort Lee physical therapy. Dr Park is very intuitive and always knows what areas require extra attention.
When the first day she was able to describe, with the right words, exactly the pain I was feeling and exactly in what conditions they should appear, I knew I was in good hands. She's giving me exercises to target the right muscles. They also have new professional gym equipment not only for exercising but also for muscle relaxing.
The staff is kind and knows how to make you feel like home. I'm very satisfied with my physical therapy and would recommend it to my friends.

- M. BARRY -