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Wrist, Hand Or Elbow Injuries Are Treated Quickly At Physical Therapy Ridgefield

Wrist and hand injuries are very common, especially among physically active people. Sometimes these injuries can include the elbow joint as well, which may also be the cause of wrist pain. This type of injury can be difficult to treat because of the wide variety of causes. The team at the Fort Lee Physical Therapy Center has the experience needed to help you locate the problem and eliminate the pain. They take a broader approach than most other Ridgefield physical therapy clinics and will do all they can to help the patient avoid surgery.

Many Injuries May Be Work Related

Certain jobs like waitressing and computer enrty place an undue amount of stress on the hands and wrists through repeated tasks. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is one example of this that affects many people spending excessive time at their computers. While these types of injuries can be very painful, many of them can be treated through physical therapy. These Ridgefield physical therapy centers have pioneered many successful techniques to eliminate the pain of these hand, wrist and elbow injuries through a regular schedule of sessions. These in-clinic sessions are typically accompanied by other exercises and the limiting of movement at home for short period of time.

Finding the Right Ridgefield Physical Therapy Center

The professionals at the Fort Lee Physical Therapy Center have been treating injuries like this for some time and have developed a comprehensive and effective program. It starts with a physical evaluation and interview with the patient to better understand the extent of the injury and possible causes. This leads to a diagnosis for the patient that will determine their treatments at the center. The schedule of sessions will depend on the type of injuries and will include onsite as well as at home activities for their recovery. There will also be educational sessions to help the patient understand how to avoid these injuries in the future.

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