Physical Therapy in Leonia, NJ Focus On Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are one of the most common problems today, especially as patient’s age. Because the knee has to support most of the body’s weight with a complicated and somewhat fragile joint, injuries can occur for any number of reasons. In many cases, mild pain in the knee is a warning that more extensive damage is occurring that can be avoided with the right physical therapy program. Several physical therapy Leonia NJ centers specialize in the type of care needed to eliminate this knee pain and avoid more extensive surgery.

Understanding the Problem

Not all knee injuries are the result of an accident or other trauma. Many times a knee can become painful because of other issues in the body that affect the way a person walks or stands. An uneven gait can place dangerous pressure on your knees and cause pain and more extensive damage over time. By determining the real cause of your knee pain, the experts at the Fort Lee Physical Therapy Center can quickly put you on the road to recovery. Many times this takes nothing more than a few sessions with one of their trained physical therapists to start your recovery and eliminate the pain.

Preventing Injuries with the Team at Physical Therapy Leonia NJ

The other thing that the professionals do at the Physical Therapy Leonia NJ Center is educate patients on how best to avoid knee problems. Often times these painful injuries can be avoided by preparing in advance for a day of physical activity. Some simple exercises and stretching before starting work can prepare the knee joint and delicate tendons, muscles and meniscus for the activity ahead and help you avoid problems. This preparation only takes a few minutes and will help to keep your knees healthy and pain-free.

Our Areas of Focus

As a premier Leonia physical therapy clinic, Fort Lee Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing friendly and compassionate service in a relaxing environment. Let our doctorate level therapists create your treatment and rehabilitation plan. We focus on a range of areas, including:

How We Can Help

Our therapists have extensive experience in providing effective recovery programs to patients in Leonia, NJ. We aim to help our patients by treating the symptoms to reduce the pain and facilitate faster recovery. We have the knowledge, resources, and skills to manage and treat injuries on the:

Our Approach

We use a systematic approach to physical therapy; we focus on identifying and treating the root cause of the problem to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. We assess the overall condition of each patient and recommend the most appropriate treatment programs. We can even coordinate with your physician to make sure you are receiving the right care and attention.

More than Just Treatments

At Fort Lee Physical Therapy, we provide more than just treatment plans; we educate patients about their condition and provide useful health and recovery tips. Health professionals talk to us whenever they need help with meeting their patients’ needs.

For more inquiries about our treatment programs, call us at 201-585-7300 or fill out our contact form.

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