Physical Therapy in Englewood and Palisades Park, NJ

Are you suffering from severe pain due to a recent injury? Do you need additional recovery program? Fort Lee Physical Therapy has the solution to your problem. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific treatment needs.

Physical therapy intervention helps alleviate pain and reduce recovery time. With the right program, you can restore your function and get back to your normal life. We always provide quality care with each client’s safety and goals in mind. Our physical therapist in Englewood and Palisades Park, NJ will guide you through the entire recovery process and will provide the treatment you need.

Our Objectives

We know how acute and chronic ailments, body pain, and injuries can affect your life, which is why we make sure to provide effective treatments. We can design a personalized program that suits your needs to make the road to recovery as clean and straight as possible. By treating the injury or source of pain, we can help restore your flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and overall function. It’s our goal to:

  • relieve pain and discomfort that affects your relationships and productivity;
  • help you recover faster and get back to your normal activities;
  • stop the pain that keeps you from living the life you want; and
  • Help you manage your condition and avoid recurrence.

Impact to Patients

We give hope to those who have suffered from life-changing injuries. We help them regain confidence and mobility to perform their daily activities. We even provide rehabilitation programs to those who have lost their limbs. By offering quality care and compassionate service, we are giving our clients more reasons to go on with their lives. We are also helping them find ways to improve their health and well-being.

Specialized Techniques and Approach

We use a personalized approach to providing physical therapy in Englewood and Palisades Park, NJ. With a combination of massage, exercise, and stretching, we are helping our patients recover from injuries, surgeries, or body pain. Our evidence-based techniques allow us to provide long-term results to our valued clients across the state.

Consult Our Therapist Today

It’s time to experience the healing effects of an Englewood and Palisades Park physical therapy program. Call us or visit our clinic to get in touch with one of our team members. A friendly and caring therapist will welcome you and listen to your concerns before conducting a thorough assessment.

Your safety and satisfaction are among our priorities here at Fort Lee Physical Therapy. We never assume that your needs are the same with that of other patients; we base our treatment plans on the results of thorough and careful assessments. This means you can expect to receive the appropriate treatment for your specific condition. We practice evidence-based medicine to assure you of a proven safe and effective therapeutic method.

For more inquiries about our treatment programs, call us at 201-585-7300 or fill out our contact form.

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