Most people may not even know what physical therapy is until they have an accident. Recovering from an injury can involve a period of recuperation that allows the affected joints and muscles time to heal and gain back their strength. Physical therapy is a big part of this recovery, and is unique to every patient. The entire process is carefully organized to give you the support and activities that will help you recover quickly while reducing your pain. We have a wealth of experience in providing physical therapy in Edgewater and other areas in New Jersey.

It All Starts With an Evaluation

Since every injury is different, the programs used at a facility like the Fort Lee Physical Therapy center all begin with a complete evaluation. This initial visit will be part consultation and part physical examination. The details of your injury and any procedures you had to repair it will be carefully reviewed as well as any tests or X-rays. There may be conversations with the health care professionals that delivered this care and a final interview with you to determine the extent of your pain and current condition. This first visit may also include some tests to measure your range of movement so that progress can be charted as you advance through your program. All of this leads to a diagnosis and a physical therapy program with scheduled Edgewater physical therapy sessions to start you on the road to recovery.

Your Edgewater Physical Therapy Sessions Are Tailored To You

Because there are a number of different activities that can help improve your strength and movement while recovering from an injury, the Fort Lee Physical Therapy center will find the ones that work for your needs. The program these physical therapy Edgewater specialists create will allow you to get back your strength and improve your movement as quickly as possible. As you recover, the type and intensity of these activities will be adjusted to help you become stronger and more independent.

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