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    How Ultrasound Can Help With Pain Management NJ

    Pain management is a delicate balance between the reduction of discomfort for a patient recovering from an injury while minimizing the medication needed to accomplish this. Most traditional treatments have focused on improved medications with less harmful side effects, but advancements in physical therapy techniques may eliminate the need for these drugs completely. One promising treatment at the Fort Lee Physical Therapy center using ultrasound equipment is helping patients manage their recovery pain without excessive medications.

    Common Pain Management NJ Techniques

    Until recently, most pain management NJ treatment focused on relieving the pain a patient was feeling enough to allow them to continue physical therapy. This seemed effective since the patient was more comfortable but could also lead to other issues as many of these medications had side effects. Most research over the years focused on improving these medications but did little to reduce the need for their use.

    Why Ultrasound is Helping

    Ultrasound is a technique that uses sound waves to cause small vibrations in the muscle and tissue deep inside the body. This is done by placing an ultrasound probe on the skin and exciting the tissue slightly to generate heat. This causes an increase in circulation and relaxes the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the area, providing relief from pain. While this is not a permanent solution, it does enhance any physical therapy program the patient is currently doing. These looser muscles are more easily manipulated, which allows for a wider range of motion in the affected joints. Many of these patients find this treatment enough of a relief for their pain that they don't require additional medication. The best part about this type of ultrasound treatment is that it has no lasting impact on the health of the patient and only helps to speed recovery.

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