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1. Golfers - Get Fit for the Fairway!

Golf is no longer a leisurely game. With improved equipment, powerful swings are now the norm. This spring whether you are trying out new clubs or dusting off the old set, think about a tune up for yourself. A little work on posture, fitness and flexibility will help those clubs work better.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), awareness of proper posture and the importance of fitness and flexibility are just as important for weekend golfers as they are for the pros. Jerry McCollow, PT, at Marana Physical Therapy, who has worked with many professional and amateur golfers, explains “Golfers tend to forget that their body is the key to a good game. They need to spend time on physical conditioning if they want to play their best.”

Physical therapists can assess a golfer’s physical abilities and provide individualized training programs that address musculoskeletal balance, body mechanics, strength, posturing and cardiovascular fitness. It is now the norm, not the exception, for professional men and women to work with physical therapists on improving these factors.

The golf swing is one of the most difficult and complicated movements in all of sports, requiring stability in some joints and flexibility in others. “Proper motion, strength and function throughout the swing are keys to preventing injuries,” says McCollow, “and a proper warm up and stretching before teeing off is essential.” The payoff is a better swing is a more accurate ball strike, greater distance, and reduced stress on the muscles and joints.

In Tucson, contact Borden-Sanderson Physical Therapy, Ft. Lowell Physical Therapy, Marana Physical Therapy or Tygiel Physical Therapy for help with your golf swing.

For a set of pre-game stretches from APTA click here.

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