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3. Dizzy? BPPV or vertigo can be helped by PT

BPPV is a condition in which one experiences 30-90 second symptoms of dizziness, vertigo and possible nausea with the sensation of the room spinning. It most often occurs with looking up to a top shelf, rolling out of or into bed, or bending to pick an object off the floor. Changes in the position of the head create movement of the endolymphatic fluid triggering the sensation of spinning. Symptoms lessen within a couple of minutes, but are likely to return with subsequent head movement. BPPV is not a static or stable condition, therefore it does not respond to medications, such as Meclazine. BPPV is most frequently diagnosed by Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctors and audiologists. Physical therapists trained and experienced in treating BPPV are qualified in treating and managing this condition. Qualified and experienced physical therapists are available in the Tucson community.

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