Make 2016 A Great Year

So – I know that usually I write more technical blogs to help educate, but this time I thought I would touch on a topic that is very popular around this time of year – New Year’s Resolutions.

Around this time people reflect on the past year of their lives and decide to make changes. Maybe there is something you want to do better, something you want to stop doing, or something you want to start. Resolution making is a very personal journey, one that you can either choose to share with friends and family or keep to yourself.

What I wanted to mention that a lot of clients talk to me about physical activity goals, and I find that they put a lot of pressure on themselves. What is important to remember is that physical activity is something that should be taken seriously if you want to see results – especially when it comes to physical therapy.

What I am trying to say is that it is important to think of is not as a “resolution” but a life change. A commitment to yourself that will help you become a healthier person – regardless of the condition or injury that is being treated.

If you decide to take the steps required to start physical therapy you need to be serious about it. Yes there are things that we do at our clinic, but the ‘homework” part is just as important. You need to be serious about doing all home exercises regularly in order to see improvement and get the most out of therapy.

In addition, if you currently are suffering from an injury – or just need advice on what kind of physical activity you can handle we are more than happy to help. We can evaluate where you are right now with your fitness, and help you develop a plan that will get you to where you want to be. If you suffer from balance problems, joint pain, back pain, or have injured yourself – we are here to help.

So, when you are thinking about how to make 2016 better – consider taking better care of yourself, your health should always come first.

Happy New Year – and all the best in 2016!!

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