How Fort Lee Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Sports Performance?

The inability to play any sport due to injury is probably the worst news an athlete can receive. Sports-related injuries limits one’s ability to play his/her desired sport.

Good thing Fort Lee Physical Therapy is here to aid athletes in achieving wellness. But wait, how do Physical Therapists help athletes in sports-related injuries?

Physical therapists are trained and certified professionals who exclusively deal with injuries and overall physical fitness related to sports and exercise. They balance exercise science, physiological factors, nutrition, and even sports psychology to treat their clients.

Treatment techniques includes the following

– Massage

– Electrotherapy

– Muscle strengthening

– Water therapy

– Core stability training.

Physical therapy experts, like the ones at Fort Lee Physical Therapy, can transform the individual’s ability to deal with sports challenges. Qualified and certified therapy centers utilize cutting edge sports science and treatments to achieve optimal athletic fitness and potential. They understand the demands of training, and advise on how to prevent injuries, relieve pain, and optimize performance.

Physical Therapists treats all types of injuries like:

Neck & Spine







  • Benefits of Sports Physical Therapy in Fort Lee PT
  • Functional Testing

    The sports physical therapist will put the athlete through a series of routines to test and assess their functionality and mobility, looking for areas of pain and weakness.

    Prevention Techniques

    The aim of sports physical trainers is to heal sports injuries. Simultaneously, they focus on providing tools and exercises to maintain strength, balance, and fitness to prevent a recurrence of these injuries or issues.

    Reduce or Eliminate Pain

    Therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, and manipulations with equipment such as ultrasound, taping, or electrical stimulation to relieve pain, restore muscle and joint function, and may prevent recurrence.

    Avoid Costly Surgeries

    Effective physical therapy may eliminate the need for surgery, accelerate recovery, and reduce healthcare costs.

    Mobility Improvement

    Stretching and strengthening exercises and assistive devices restore mobility.

    Personalized Programs

    A customized physical therapy program can help individual sportsmen and athletes, and entire sports teams return to their prior level of functioning via ongoing care from a team of professional physical therapists on or off the sports field. They will learn and be encouraged in activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury and improve overall health and wellbeing.

    At Fort Lee Physical Therapy, our friendly, experienced staff provides personal and knowledgeable care for all of our patients. You can reach us at our main office at 201-585-7300.

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