Why Fort Lee Physical Therapy!

Whether you are suffering from minor muscle strains to severe auto accident related injuries, our therapists have the education, specialized knowledge and practical experience to restore you to normal function. Your doctorate level clinician will personally work with you and your physician to create an individualized treatment plan, and walk you through every step of your rehabilitation. We believe that this one- on- one approach, coupled with patient education and the latest medically proven therapy techniques is the best way to provide you with the recovery that you deserve.

What We Treat

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Chronic Pain Part One

So – what is chronic pain you ask? Well, it is exactly as it sounds – which is an unpleasant sensation that is usually associated with injury or tissue damage. But the pain can also happen even if there is no tissue damage in the area. Read More

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Osteoarthritis

Your bones are connected at joints and a rubbery substance called cartilage coats the bones at these joints which helps to reduce friction when you walk and move around. In addition another protective oily substance (called synovial fluid) is also contained within the joint, and it’s job is also to help ease movement. When these protective coverings break down, the bones begin to rub together during movement which causes pain – this is osteoarthritis. Read More